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We have researched the various diapering options for greatest value. This page contains our recommendations (our informed best opinions).

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Adult Cloth Diapers

Buy Adult Cloth Diapers Now

These diapers must be changed more often, and you will have to wash them, but the cost savings really add up. If you are a home caregiver on a budget, and the incontinent patient or loved one is bedfast, cloth diapers is your best solution.

We recommend Adult Cloth Diapers .com as the best value. They have been in business since 1990, and manufacture their own brand of high quality diapers and diapering products. They are a “family owned” business and are a recognized leader in the incontinence product industry.

Adult Disposable Diapers

Buy Adult Disposable Diapers Now

Although disposable diapers cost more than cloth diapers, there are many advantages in both convenience and some health issues. They do not require changing as often, they do not require washing, and since they wick liquids away from the body there can be less incidence of diaper rash.

We recommend Amazon .com for disposable diapers. They are a high volume source and therefore can offer their products at lower prices. Since these are packaged items and are the same no matter where you buy them, we feel that Amazon is the best choice for disposable adult diapers.