Pull On Adult Swim Diapers

Adult Swim Diaper Pullon
– $ 28.95

PullOn Adult Swim Diaper

This PullOn Adult Swim Diaper has an outer layer of Oxford Nylon, which helps prevent the seepage of stool into the water but allows urine to pass through. The inner layer against the skin is 100%Cotton Flannelette for comfort and durability. The Pull-On Swim Diaper has elasticized legs and waist for a snug fit. May be worn alone or under a swimsuit. Adult Swim Diapers are available in four colors;Purple, Royal Blue, White and Red.

Our adult swim diapers are widely used by aquatic swim rehabilitation therapy providers and approved for use in most swim facilities. Our swim diapers can also be used at the beach, lake, hot tub and of course the pool. Unlike regular adult diapers, swim diapers will not become filled with air and balloon out or absorb large amounts of water,weighing down or hindering the swimmer.

The pull on adult swim diaper is designed for those who need little or no assistance with changing, but require a swim diaper due to bowel incontinence.

  • Four Popular Colors
  • May be worn alone or under a swim suit
  • Latex Free
  • Comfortable100% Cotton inner layer
  • Oxford nylon outer layer
  • Just $26.95 each add $2.00 for 2XL & 3XL

To ensure properfit please take measurements and checksize chart before ordering.

24″ to29″
61 cm- 74 cm
30″ to34″
76 cm- 86 cm
35″ to39″
89 cm- 99 cm
40″ to44″
102 cm- 111 cm
45″ to49″
114 cm- 124 cm
Adult3X-Large 50″ to54″
127 cm- 137 cm

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