Daytime Prefold Adult Cloth Diapers

Daytime Adult Prefold Diaper
– $ 24.95

Daytime Prefold Adult Cloth Diapers

Our company has been a leading provider of infant cloth diapers to consumers, diaper services and other businesses since 1990. After receiving numerous request for adult sized versions we began making adult cloth diapers in 2000. Each adult diaper is quality sewn in the USA and provides superior absorbency and comfort. Our 100% cotton adult cloth diapers caress your skin with extraordinary softness that lasts washing after washing. Our day weight adult prefold cloth diapers area vailable in your choice of Birdseye or Gauze. The day weight diapers are light enough for daytime wear but have extra thickness and absorbency where you need it most.

  • Choose Birdseye or Gauze
  • Genuine US made 100% Cotton Diapers
  • Proven Strength and Durability
  • Available in Sizes Small thru 3XLarge
  • Buy 3 or more and save $1.50 per diaper
  • Buy 6 or more and save $2.50 per diaper

For Tips on Folding Prefold Diapers Click Here

(after laundering)
fits up to 32″
81.3 cm
32″ Lx 22″ W
81.28cm x 55.28 cm
$16.95 each
$18.95 each
fits up to 42″
36″ Lx 27″ W
91.44cm x 68.58 cm
$22.95 each
$24.95 each
fits up to 52″
40″ Lx 32″ W
101.06cm x 81.25 cm
$23.95 each
$25.95 each
fits up to 56″
44″ Lx 35″ W
111.76cm x 88.9 cm
$27.95 each
$29.95 each
fits up to 62″
48″ Lx 38″ W
121.92cm x 96.52 cm
$31.95 each
$33.95 each
fits up to 70″
52″ Lx 42″ W
132.08cm x 106.68 cm
$34.95 each
$36.95 each

Toensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart beforeordering.
measurement sizes already take shrinkage into account

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