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Adult plastic pants, also called “adult diaper cover”, and once called “adult rubber pants” can be used in combination with adult diapers, of any type, to make a very secure swim diaper. More commonly plastic pants for adults may be used in the more traditional way, that is, as a protective waterproof shield over a cloth diaper.

Urinary incontinence in adults is very common today. The demand for personal incontinence accessories, such as “special protection” underwear, is very great. Fortunately adult diapers and other incontinence products are plentiful. In fact, there are so many choices of diapering types and styles that it is often difficult to pick from among them.

Using cloth diapers and “adult plastic pants and panties” is a great protective underwear option for saving you money. It would seem a simple task to find the right size cloth diapers and pants, but this is not always the case.

The best selection of quality plastic pants and panties that I have found is at Adult Cloth They have a large selection of the Leakmaster brand of plastic pants, in many styles, made with your comfort in mind. They have heavy duty adult pull-on plastic pants, high back, bikini style, snap on, heavy weight, and they will even do special order if you are hard to fit.

You can find plastic or vinyl covers with or without a fabric lining and in many different colors.

To get the most wear out of your waterproof covers, purchase the proper size. Use your waist size and leg size to get the best fit. Each “size category” is associated with a “range”.
For example :

  • Pant Size: Adult Large
  • Waist Width: 29″ to 48″
  • Leg Width: 19″ to 26″
  • Crotch Width: 12″

Your best fit will be toward the center of the size charts. If any of your measurements are outside the chart ranges, you may need custom pants or panties to get a snug comfortable fit and prevent leakage. A better fitting pair of pants will also insure a longer product life.

As a side note, it is always better to buy diapering accessories, and incontinence products, such as plastic pants for adults, in bulk to get the greatest savings. This cloth diaper and adult plastic pants strategy can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Leak Master Lined Pull On Vinyl Pants Special Order – 6 Pack
– $ 129.95

LeakMaster Flannel or Terry Lined
Pull On Adult Plastic Pants – 6 pack
Only Available in 6 Packs

ACDLeakMaster Adult Plastic Pants constructed of surprisingly strong lightweight material with a durability greater than other plastics twice as thick. Soft, quiet and comfortable, as our name implies, LeakMaster Adult Plastic Pants provide reliably secure protection. The flannel or terry fabric inside lining provides an added measure of comfort and protection.

If you’re looking for adult plastic pants with snug fitting,comfortable waist bands, made from durable light weight plastic, we highly recommend LeakMaster Plastic Pants. Soft and discreetly quiet, LeakMaster Adult Plastic Pants are full cut with extra wide crotch.Available in sizes X-Small through 5X-Large. Flannel or Terry lined pull on plastic pants are not stocked items. Please allow 4 to7 weeks for manufacturing. Special ordered items are not returnable except for manufacturing defects. Special orders must be cancelled within 48 hours or they are nonrefundable.

  • Snug fitting comfortable waist bands
  • Durable light weight plastic
  • Your Choice of Flannel or Terry Lining
  • Soft and discreetly quiet
  • Full cut with extra wide crotch
  • Available Only in 6 packs, 1 color per pack.
  • Special order in 9 great colors.
Flannel & Terry Lined Pull OnPants are Special Order Items.
Please allow 4 to 7 weeks for manufacturing.

Adult 5X-Small
12″ to22″ (Best fit 17″ )
30 cmto 56 cm – best fit 71 cm
11″ to14″
28 cmto 36 cm
20 cm
Adult 4X-Small
14″ to24″ (Best fit 20″ )
36 cmto 61 cm – best fit 71 cm
12″ to15″
30 cmto 38 cm
20 cm
Adult 3X-Small
16″ to28″ (Best fit 22″ )
41 cmto 71 cm – best fit 71 cm
13″ to16″
33 cmto 41 cm
23 cm
Adult 2X-Small

18″ to32″ (Best fit 25″ )
46 cmto 81 cm – best fit 71 cm
14″ to18″
36 cmto 46 cm

25 cm
20″ to36″ (Best fit 28″ )
51 cmto 91 cm – best fit 71 cm
15″ to20″
38 cmto 51 cm
25 cm
22″ to37″ (Best fit 31″ )
56 cmto 94 cm – best fit 79 cm
16″ to22″
41 cmto 56 cm
28 cm
27″ to44″ (Best fit 34″ )
69 cmto 112 cm – best fit 86 cm
18″ to24″
46 cmto 61 cm
30 cm
29″ to48″ (Best fit 39″ )
74 cmto 122 cm – best fit 99 cm
19″ to26″
48 cmto 66 cm
30 cm
31″ to52″ (Best fit 46″ )
79 cmto 132 cm – best fit 117 cm
20″ to27″
51 cmto 69 cm
38 cm
33″ to56″ (Best fit 50″ )
84 cmto 142 cm – best fit 127 cm
22″ to28″
56 cmto 71 cm
38 cm
36″ to60″ (Best fit 54″ )
91 cmto 152 cm – best fit 137 cm
23″ to30″
58 cmto 76 cm
43 cm
39″ to64″ (Best fit 58″ )
99 cmto 162 cm – best fit 147 cm
24″ to32″
61 cmto 81 cm
46 cm
42″ to68″ (Best fit 62″ )
106 cmto 173 cm – best fit 157 cm
25″ to32″
63 cmto 81 cm
48 cm

To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.
These are Special Order Items. Please allow 4 to 7 weeks for manufacturing.

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