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Why should I buy adult diapers? Incontinence need not restrict your activities. Incontinence is a very common problem that adults face today. Getting depressed is one of the main side effects. The truth is, we sometimes let pride and misconceptions about diapers cloud our thinking. The information presented here is meant to clear up some of the misconceptions about incontinence and adult diapers and hopefully encourage you to enjoy life again.

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The Stigma Vanquished

“Buy adult diapers? No way! No how!” That used to be my attitude before I realized what a “freeing” tool these modern technological wonders really are. And that’s just what they are too – “tools” to help us get what we want. Given the choice of being afraid to venture out in public OR continuing with my normal day to day activities, it is just no contest.

Space Age Technology – Only 3 Changes Per Day!
Save The Planet – Go Cloth!

Did you know?

Did you know that over 24 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Did you know that Astronauts wear adult diapers during liftoff and re-entry? Did you know that some legislators use them when they give an extended filibuster speech? Did you know that some guards are not allowed to leave their post for extended period of time and use what is called the “watchman’s urinal” – an adult diaper? Did you know that some divers use them under their wet suits if they are going to be under water for an extended period? Many others have been documented as users of these new, highly absorbent problem solvers!

Women On the Cutting Edge of Technology

Even young women swimmers, who are really serious about the sport; use a plastic coated form of diaper during their special time of the month. Women of all ages use another “abbreviated type” of diaper called a pad or panty liner. These pads were first used in Europe and contained a highly absorbent fabric, ten years before it was incorporated into disposable diapers.

Human Medical Needs Created Crossover Products

Men and women of all ages require “that special protection” for incontinence problems that occur after surgery and also as we age. Huge companies, seeing the need to resolve several issues related to incontinence, took the technology used in baby diapers and crossed it over into the adult market.

No More Rash!

I remember the days when our babies only had cloth diapers. Yikes! It was an all day job just washing those diapers. And, I don’t miss the smells that lingered in our house. That wasn’t the half of it. We had to deal with diaper rash because the wetness of the diaper lay right on the skin. Thankfully those days are gone also – well, maybe not totally gone, but, the incidence of diaper rash is very small. That is because these new diapers wick the fluids away from the skin.

Different Degrees of Incontinence

There are many varying degrees of incontinence. It can vary from an occasional dribble when lifting or sneezing to a more advanced condition with total loss of control. Fortunately, modern science and human ingenuity have given many options for handling the problem. There are solutions for light, medium and heavy protection. And, even though we often think of incontinence as strictly a urinary bladder control issue, there is a condition called fecal incontinence, and there are adult diaper protective solutions for this also.

The Overnight Incontinence Problem

Some people have an overnight incontinence problem and there are pads and briefs that are made specifically for this problem.

Adult Diapers By Any Other Name…

Adult diapers go by many different names. Here is a list of some of that you may come across. Incontinence Briefs or Incontinence Pants are terms used by many physicians. It is synonymous with adult diaper; however, it carries much less of a negative connotation. It just sounds better. Incontinence Pads are similar to panty liners. These are used by those who have light incontinence needs. Adult cloth diapers are available but not as easy to find. They may be washed and reused and of course they require an adult sized diaper cover. Disposable Diapers is a term that means “other than cloth diapers”. Pull on Diapers or Pull-Ups are easy to use and you put them on just like standard underwear. Tape Tab Diapers are the same familiar style as baby and small child type of diapers. Belted Undergarments are like heavy duty pads that have a (I didn’t make this up) targeted acquisition zone. In other words, you can still stay dry with a sleeker more trim and comfortable fitting brief.

Various Adult Diaper Brands

When you search for adult diapers you will find a whole raft of manufacturers that, most likely, you are not familiar with. Depend(s) is probably the only brand you recognize. There are, however, many quality manufactures and many use exactly the same quality, high speed, diaper machines to manufacture them. Top quality brand names that you can’t go wrong with are: Attends, Tena, Tranquility, Medline, Poise, Kendall (Sure Care), Humanicare, First Quality (PreVail). We recommend that you first narrow down your search to the type of diaper, brief, or underwear that you need, then try a pack from each company until you find the type that fits and feels the best for you. Then, after you are happy with a brand and model number, buy in bulk to get the cost down.

Buying Adult Diapers Need Not Be Embarrassing

Although much of the stigma of adults wearing diapers has gone away, it can still be embarrassing for some people to buy them in a retail store. And this discomfort is no longer necessary due to the Internet. Purchases can be made discreetly. There are no “tell tale” markings on the shipping boxes. And, prices are a lot lower, especially if you buy by the case, or in bulk.


Active Lifestyle Without Embarrassment!

Today it is easy to have comfort and peace of mind when it comes to leading an active lifestyle, even if you have moderate to heavy incontinence. There is no longer a need to be embarrassed in public again due to wetness on your clothing.

Size Matters – Select Your Size For A Perfect Fit.

Decades ago, diapers were graded by the average percent of leakage. Today, with highly absorbent compounds, snug fitting gathers, contoured and fitted shapes, the use of advanced zoning system, etc., the properly worn diaper, brief, or pad is virtually leakage free. There is also a wide variety of sizes, which makes the fit even better. Because of the wide range of adult sizes, a few new categories were added – like jumbo. I know – it seems like they could have thought of a better name. Some sizes you may run into are: small, medium, large, and jumbo. There may be others. My best recommendation is to not go by these names. Each size is clearly marked on the order page. Normally you will use your own brief size or pant size and in some cases your waist size to figure which of these sizes is made for you.

Rash and Odor Banished

The high absorbency and anti-odor components of the modern adult diaper aids skin health and comfort as well as the elimination of “potty smells”. Skin irritation and rash is reduced and most times eliminated because the moisture is wicked away from the body.

Buy Quality At Reasonable Prices For Comfort And Security

When you buy adult diapers or other protective disposable underwear, do not try to save money by buying a cheap knockoff product. You should stick with the major brands that have invested mega bucks into research and development. If you shop wisely, you can find even the premium extended wear styles of the major brands on sale from time to time. I recommend that, in the beginning, you try different styles and brands to see what is really best for you.

Internet Resources

There are many Internet Sites that can give more information about incontinence treatment and care.

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  • And, here is a very interesting Wikipedia article on adult diapers.
  • CNN has a comprehensive set of articles on Urinary incontinence. It discusses symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, test and diagnosis. It also discusses treatments and drugs for incontinence.
  • Female Urinary Incontinence is explained in this WebMD article that includes types of incontinence, Tension-Free Vaginal Tape (TVT), Urodynamics, and Transobturator Tape (TOT). If you are considering any of these remedies for incontinence this is a good resource to read.
  • If you are concerned about the risks of Vaginal Sling surgery, or are having problems related to a surgery of this type, this page about Vaginal Sling Lawsuits is a must read.
  • Here is a helpful article on Male Incontinence Treatments. And, this National Institutes of Health article is incredibly thorough on explaining the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments, including the male incontinence sling surgery. For more on the male sling procedure click here.